Lisa puts her bangs up for new look

Article: Black Pink's Lisa puts up her bangs for her fans for 5th debut anniversary

Source: Insight via Instagram

2. [+225] This is supposed to be a large forehead..?

2. [+162] I have no idea what's so large about her forehead at all. I always just figured she had a complex about it but what the, she's so pretty even with her forehead out...

3. [+45] Really pretty 💙

4. [+19] It's the styling... her face alone is pretty

5. [+174] Anyone who's calling her weird should look in the mirror before leaving a comment... she's so pretty..

6. [+8] So pretty

7. [+7] She looks pretty?!!!!

8. [+5] But she does look better with her bangs down...

9. [+4] I think it's rather her face being really small than her forehead being too big... Lalisa is the best 💖

10. [+9] Why are some comments saying her forehead's large? ㅋㅋ I think it looks refreshing and way better than tiny foreheads?