JYP unveils another member for new girl group

Article: JYP reveals new member for girl group, Seolyoon

Source: Idol Issue via Instagram

1. [+121] JYP... please take care of the artists you have now while we're being nice. I've been a JYP fan for years so I know what happens. Every time there's a new girl group, the other artists get thrown on the backburner. Especially the male groups like Day6 and StrayKids 😡

2. [+45] Her name's really pretty. And of course, her face too...

3. [+24] ITZY doesn't feel like they've set up a proper foundation yet but they're debuting a new girl group? ㅜㅠ Just don't leave ITZY on the backburner...

4. [+2] Gorgeous

5. [+3] She gives me Tzuyu vibes... pretty


ArticleThey're all in one JYP team???

Source: Idol Issue via Instagram

1. [+461] I've seen idols born in '05 but I guess it's now time for the '06ers to debut..

2. [+175] How is there an '06er, why are they the same age as me

3. [+95] '06? Same age as me... already debuting

4. [+86] Wow, now even my generation is debuting...

5. [+45] Hul, JYP's rookie group is so pretty

6. [+24] They all look the same..

7. [+7] '06er.. that's crazy

8. [+1] Friends, we have now reached a generation where we are 10 years older than the new idols