Actress Heo Yi Jae comes forward with a story about married actor propositioning her

Article: "A married male actor requested to sleep with me" fanclub of actor named in account retorts claims

Source: Chosun via Naver

1. [+4,447, -66] She just told the truth about what happened, is that a crime now?

2. [+1,711, -102] Oh Ji Ho is caught once again. His ex-girlfriend used to work at a parlor and commit suicide, and he put on a whole show with tears about that back then too...

3. [+1,522, -59] Honestly, the director and staff all know about it and yet the actor continues to deny it... this is what happens when you have no evidence. Actresses, collect your evidence. No one will believe you to be the victim if you don't have any evidence.

4. [+688, -45] Can we please start kicking out actors without any moral sense

5. [+404, -20] JH is pretty scummy. His ex-girlfriend supported him with her parlor work but he threw her away right after he got famous and she ended up committing suicide. Now he's married and has kids and acting all fake on children's variety shows while hitting on actresses like this... His life is truly reprehensible~~~ What does he think his children will think when they search his name up later on?

6. [+321, -7] Let's just please not direct the arrow 

back to the actress who came out with her story of abuse

7. [+296, -11] Why would his fanclub know anything about what happened? This is a matter that should be handled between the actor and actress. Whether her claims are true or not, his fanclub should stay out of it.

8. [+204, -11] Something about Oh Ji Ho's physiognomy is just trashy to me

9. [+181, -11] He still has fans???

10. [+163, -4] What is there more to say about a man whose pr*stitute ex-girlfriend commit suicide? 

11. [+116, -2] No matter how many good deeds he may have done, it still doesn't mean he can be a s*x offender..

12. [+113, -3] If it truly is OJH, then his life is quite consistent... before marriage and after marriage.

13. [+83, -6] Seems like he still hasn't woken up... even after his ex-girlfriend commit suicide, even after he's become a father himself... he disgusts me, like a dog in heat.

14. [+69, -3] That male actor has always had scummy rumors about him... it's about time something blew up with him

15. [+64, -5] If you search Heo Yi Jae's name, Oh Ji Ho is a related search ㅋㅋ his image has already been crap with his ex's suicide, it disgusted me to see him clean up his image with 'Same Bed Different Dreams'