'Nevertheless' star Yang Hye Ji is the niece of actor Ahn Nae Sang

Article: 'Nevertheless' Yang Hye Ji is actually the niece of actor Ahn Nae Sang

Source: Insight via Instagram

1. [+490] She looks like her uncle

2. [+378] She's great at acting and quite pretty~~ I think she has a bright future ahead of her

3. [+190] She was my favorite out of 'Nevertheless, I always wondered who she was..

4. [+114] Oh... I can see the resemblance

5. [+62] There was a point in time that Seol Kyung Gu was her uncle in law too, then...

6. [+9] I look forward to her future! Pretty face and natural acting

7. [+5] Her acting was the best out of everyone in 'Nevertheless'..

8. [+1] Wow, I can sense the similar vibes ㅎㅎ family is family after all