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Thursday, July 15, 2021

Lee Ji Hoon's former agency sues him for falsely claiming that he wasn't paid

Article: Lee Ji Hoon's former agency retorts his claims that he was never paid "We have been late but we never not paid him" 

Source: Insight via Instagram

1. [+541] Being late on payments is not anything to be proud of either, why are you suing him?

2. [+397] And being late isn't good either

3. [+302] Being 'late' means that you "didn't pay him on time"

4. [+249] Oh, you sound so proud of being late

5. [+241] Being late for a year and six months? Is this some joke?

6. [+163] How would you feel if we started delaying your pay checks too?

7. [+96] Well he wasn't paid his full amount... so that's what he said..!!?? What kind of word play is this? You paid him but it was late... which still means you didn't pay him on time 😂

8. [+63] Nope, payments need to be on time

9. [+34] Either way, you still have payments outstanding. F*ck, you should've prioritized paying him and then chasing invoices..

10. [+24] They're so loud for a company who is still in the wrong



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