Lee Dong Guk comments on his tennis player daughter Jae-ah's injury

Article: When Jae-ah injures her elbow and is in pain, Lee Dong Guk says, "I kept going without a crucial ligament"

Source: Insight via Instagram

1. [+670] I don't agree with people using this type of logic when someone opens up about a struggle. You shouldn't reply with, "You're struggling? I'm struggling too"

2. [+270] It's sad that Lee Dong Guk's working conditions were like that but he should be making sure that such conditions aren't being passed down to the next generation. We need to be more considerate of the health of our athletes and making sure to prevent injuries like this.

3. [+171] Would've been better if he just told her, "That must hurt a lot, take a break if you need to"

4. [+150] How can he just say "it's okay" when she's so young and her body isn't finished developing yet and yet she's injured so gravely..?

5. [+104] All I remember about Lee Dong Guk is that he was caught at a room salon when his wife was pregnant.. I remember being so shocked when I was into soccer back then

6. [+69] I understand that he wants to build her up strong but.. he's being a boomer right now.. I hope Lee Dong Guk never becomes a coach.

7. [+26] Another boomer talking about "back in my days" ^^ anyway, fighting to this father and daughter 😍

8. [+17] In Lee Dong Guk's world, anything that isn't your best means you're out of the game, so... I'm sure he's seen his fair share of horror stories to reach the level of success that he has.

9. [+25] I don't think anyone consoles their kids in this way. Even coaches wouldn't say this to their athletes. We really need to get rid of this type of teaching in our culture. 

10. [+5] That's quite selfish of him to say