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Thursday, July 29, 2021

Kwon Mina hospitalized after another suicide attempt

Article: Kwon Mina, another attempt at taking her life "In surgery for excessive bleeding"

Source: Chosun via Naver

1. [+4,459, -244] What is the point of having the entire nation know about this? Please stop putting any news about this woman in the media anymore. She really makes me anxious and I'm tired of hearing about her.

2. [+1,588, -38] Don't take your own life. Stay off of SNS. Your life is precious. Someone, please look after her.

3. [+825, -66] Why can't she just live life as a non-celebrity? What more attention does she want? Not everyone lives because they want to. They're forced to from birth and live because they can't die.

4. [+707, -22] This person needs to get off of SNS

5. [+709, -55] Just don't give her any attention... There are so many kids who end up poor after their idol contracts end. It's just a fact of life.

6. [+371, -17] If Kwon Mina had never said anything after the Jimin scandal, I could've continued believing her, that she was bullied... but if you check out Kwon Mina's Instagram, she is obsessive with the belief that she's a victim, even publicly hating on a nurse at her hospital. She admitted to helping someone cheat on their partner all the while instigating fights in DMs and stories by screencapping texts.. She's always up for a fight ㅋㅋ She has a nasty personality and I don't ever see her fixing her character. In her mind, she is always the victim.

7. [+254, -1] Stop making your family suffer. Go get mental help. Get out of SNS and live your life as a normal person.

8. [+205, -18] I feel mean saying this but did she really want to kill herself? Why is she always doing this?

9. [+173, -4] Her family needs to take away her cellphone and hospitalize her. Victim or not, she just doesn't seem to be in a normal state right now.

10. [+153, -11] How many times is this already? The rest of us are all being forced to live on no matter how many dirty things we're faced with at our jobs. We live for our families. Please strengthen your mental. It's hard to sympathize when she's been doing this multiple times now.

11. [+136, -2] She always harms herself right to the point where she won't die... Wake up, think of your parents, tsk tsk. She lives her life like she's the saddest person in the world but there are people who have it worse... Go do some charity for children and live a normal life. We all live normal lives.

12. [+120, -6] What is her family even doing? If your own daughter is being like this, you should be taking some type of action. 

13. [+81, -1] Kwon Mina-ssi, quit SNS and go live for a year in the mountains.


Source: Insight via Instagram

1. [+751] No more SNS...!!!

2. [+726] I hope she gets treatment at a mental health facility

3. [+538] Please go live somewhere quiet with no internet

4. [+974] I'm not trying to criticize her, but I genuinely wish she is hospitalized longterm and gets the protection and recovery that she needs

5. [+350] Quit SNS and start getting mental help. Go out and exercise, do chores and work.. it'll help your heart. Seems like she's stuck on reading all the mean DMs through her SNS and letting her mental health deteriorate over it ㅠㅠ..


Source: Wikitree via Instagram

1. [+524] Stop with the hate comments...

2. [+341] I hope she lives and gets the help she needs for her health and heart, and that everyone gets to live the life they want...

3. [+425] She needs to quit Instagram. She keeps reading DMs and comments and losing her mental.

4. [+1,127] If her life has been hard to the point of giving up her own life, she deserves to be consoled, no matter what reason there is.

5. [+54] It's unfortunate but... I had a feeling a day like this was coming

6. [+49] So many comments here that are textbook examples of what not to say to a person suffering from depression

7. [+42] I wish her a fast recovery. Celebrities are people too. Please stop with the hate comments.

8. [+52] I don't think mental health help is enough ㅠ she needs to be hospitalized in a closed ward ㅠㅜ I hope she recovers..



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