Kris Wu under accusation of predatory behavior

 Article: Wu Yifan under controversy for r*ping a minor (formerly Kris)

Source: Idol Issue via Instagram

1. [+594] Why associate him with EXO when he's not even EXO;

2. [+603] What an embarrassment to the EXO name

3. [+483] It makes me uncomfortable when news still associates him with EXO when he left a long time ago...

4. [+299] A typical celebrity s*x criminal. I just hope that the victim is safe.

5. [+206] Take out the EXO tag

6. [+169] He has been a celebrity for longer after EXO than the years he's spent in EXO so why is EXO constantly being mentioned... ^^;;

7. [+85] There was a member like this in EXO?

8. [+72] Please don't tag him as EXO Kris

9. [+41] He tried to make it go away with 90 million won ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ what a joke

10. [+52] I'm so glad he voluntarily left EXO