Kai's thoughtful consideration for pregnant guest touches viewers

Article: Netizens go crazy for Kai's sensible question to pregnant woman

Source: Wikitree via Instagram

Kai welcomed a pregnant woman as a guest on 'Honeymoon Tavern' and asked her if she was able to drink tea before serving her drinks, which netizens thought was a thoughtful question.

1. [+407] It's the little things that make up a person

2. [+338] Maybe because he has a married nuna but he seems very sweet ㅋ

3. [+145] Yeah, he looked very caring there

4. [+30] It may seem like an obvious question but men ay not know to ask. It was very sensible and sweet of him to... 🥰🥰

5. [+19] Kai as always 👍

6. [+114] Not an EXO fan but I've always thought favorably of Kai...!

7. Maybe because he has a lot of nunas.. and a niece too.. 

8. Wow hul, daebak, how did he think to ask that

9. Perhaps dating a man with a nuna.. is the solution