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Saturday, July 3, 2021

Hybe criticized for poor customer/fan service with fan merchandise

 Article: "Opportunity to buy BTS butter cookies!" 'fan bait business' earns criticism, but why?

Source: Han via Naver

Article talks about how Hybe is being criticized for baiting fans into buying fan merch such as only allowing entrance into the museum shop upon purchase of an exhibition ticket, claiming a product will be sold in limited quantities only to change it to a lottery system. Fans exerted their consumer power by demanding refunds against the system.

1. [+150, -0] What is this... the staff are going to make all the fans leave

2. [+99, -4] Hybe, please don't taint BTS' name... I know there will be more media bait the bigger you grow but it's sus to me that the media is already trying to peg down BTS as soon as Bang Shi Hyuk resigns from the CEO position. I will kill Hybe if they try to suck BTS dry and then throw them out.

2. [+61,-0] Weverse's customer service is a mess. They have zero consideration for their consumers. I had a faulty product come and it took me half a year to get a replacement shipment.

3. [+61, -3] Hybe really has the nerve to be acting like this when they have nothing to their name but BTS. They lucked out with BTS but they need to put in the work to keep their fans. Admit that the company made it this far not because you're a good company but because you got lucky and start to know your place. If you didn't have BTS, do you think your company would even make enough money to be able to pay your building's electricity bill?

4. [+54, -14] I wouldn't call them greedy but this is going too far!!!! Way too many loopholes and add ons to just buy one thing... it's just wrong!!! You guys are making millions!! How can you do this to your consumers who are mostly just kids!!!

5. [+20, -3] I'm assuming this type of trouble will continue for a company that grew at such a fast pace...

6. [+17, -1] Hybe just isn't big enough to be able to handle a group like BTS

7. [+13, -0] The point of this article is that Hybe shouldn't think that they can take the fans for all they're worth just because BTS is popular. Staff need to stop acting like they're above everyone else just because they work under a popular group's name. It makes me sick to see them abuse their power like this, tsk tsk. When fans demanded to know why one product wasn't given proper notification beforehand, they were just like, "fine, we'll just refund you, that'll do it, right?" ㅋ

8. [+12, -0] Enough with ripping off the fans. Fans are fans of the artists, not their cookies.



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