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Saturday, June 12, 2021

Twice's Jungyeon loses 8 kg before comeback

Article: Twice's Jungyeon hits 'peak visuals' by losing 8 kg for comeback after putting promos on pause for anxiety disorder

Source: Insight via Instagram [more pictures in source]

1. [+527] She could've gained 8 kg and still been at a healthy weight. I'm worried that she might've pushed herself too far to lose this weight.

2. [+391] Weights change all the time throughout life, no need to publicize it. She looiks fine... I don't know what happened to her but I support her as an ajumma fan who listened to Twice throughout my pregnancy.

3. [+80] This article will just give her more anxiety

4. [+183] Don't you guys think that talking about her weight and comparing her pictures might've given her anxiety in the first place? So what if she lost weight... why call her more beautiful for it?

5. [+629] If she lost weight, she lost weight, just move on. She has suffered from anxiety, what if she lost weight from that? Would you still publicize that in the media? And why even post a picture of her double chin along with it?

6. [+599] Why has she hit 'peak visuals' just for losing weight? It's reinforcing the idea that you need to be skinny to be beautiful. I worry for the young kids who consume news like this.

7. [+3] She was always cute, even with some fat on her chin 

8. [+24] She was pretty at Gayo Daesang too, so

9. [+5] Feels wrong to take someone suffering from anxiety and putting out in news their weight with unflattering pictures



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