Seo Yeji speaks up two months after controversy

Article: After hiding for two months since gaslighting controversy, Seo Yeji opens up

Source: Insight via Instagram

1. [+1,122] Reflect more~~

2. [+812] Oh, I forgot about this. She spoke up now? Nah, just disappear until you're forgotten.

3. [+606] What more is there to say when her Katalks have already been exposed...

4. [+163] I can't see her and think of anything other than Kim Ddakddak anymore

5. [+125] No one cares, please don't come back anymore

6. [+118] Pfft

7. [+172] It's a bitter reality to see stars with worse controversies like LBH, KNK, KSH, and SKH still doing well. Seo Yeji would've never gotten caught if not for Kim Jung Hyun after all.

8. [+660] I know that she gaslit people and impacted Seohyun with her actions but I honestly think she's a great actress so I hope she truly reflects, offers a genuine apology to Seohyun and her staff, and comes back to focus on her acting..

9. [+76] People like her are probably cosplaying as the victim to everyone behind the scenes

10. [+70] Even this post by her scares me... whatever she does feels so creepy now

11. [+419] All of the stories of abuse to her staff, lying about her education blatantly on TV... there really seems to be something wrong with her. She has no right to be a public figure. She doesn't deserve to be on TV.

12. [+211] There's no reason she should stay in hiding. There are celebrities who have been caught cheating on their spouses and committing crimes but they're all out in the media doing fine. All Seo Yeji needs to do is reflect on her actions and come back with better acting in the future.