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Sunday, June 6, 2021

Oh My Girl's YooA clarifies that she does not get lip fillers

lips swollen from fatigue vs the next day

lips before buldak ramen vs after

Article: Oh My Girl's YooA mentions plastic surgery controversy

Source: Idol Issue via Instagram

1. [+356] I don't get why in the first place it's considered 'controversial' at all whether a celebrity gets plastic surgery or not. Just mind your own business;;

2. [+190] YooA is so pretty.. even when swollen. But I totally relate to her lips swelling... my lips are already chubby but when they swell up too, they totally catch everyone's attention and it's annoying... But YooA, you look cute even swollen, so cherry cherry..

3. [+104] She's been pretty since she was a child, not sure why people care so much...

4. [+69] Who cares if she got work done or not, it's her own choice in the end and she's pretty without it too

5. [+58] Must protect YooA.. 😢

6. [+14] And who cares if she did get work done...

7. [+55] I don't get why people care. As long as she's pretty now, right?

8. [+9] When non-celebrities get work done too, I don't get why people expect celebrities to be pretty without any work done..

9. [+6] It's stressful for people with naturally plump lips... they get even bigger when you eat something spicy and everyone starts making fun of you.

10. [+1] Wow, her lips do swell up a lot, though. Must be stressful ㅠㅠㅠ



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