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Saturday, May 8, 2021

Twice/(G)I-Dle's coordi dresses a male idol group for the first time with ENHYPEN

Article: ENHYPEN's coordi is their first time dressing a male group after Twice and (G)I-Dle

Source: Idol Issue via Instagram

1. [+507] If it's Twice's coordi, what more needs to be said... Big Hit, can we please get a new coordi for the senior groups too?..

2. [+219] Can she... dress... BTS too...?

3. [+152] What about BTS... what about BTS!!!!!

4. [+121] Why did the coordi make TXT's Bumkyu and ENHYPEN's Heeseung share that ugly ripped vest

5. [+56] Sigh... even our label juniors are getting dressed this well.. why not us... please... Big Hit, dress our BTS better too...

6. [+44] Can TXT please get a new coordi too? Please? Have you forgotten about the star pants??

7. [+40] I didn't really like (G)I-Dle's 'Dumdi Dumdi' outfits...

8. [+31] BTS too... please dress the seniors too...

9. [+5] The coordi is doing a great job!!! Lots to learn from

10. [+2] You almost can't tell it's her first time dressing a male group... she's so good;



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