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Friday, May 28, 2021

Jay Park apologizes for lyrics "worship me like Allah"

Article: "I respect all religions... no bad intentions" Park Jaebum apologizes for lyrics comparing himself to Allah

Source: Insight via Instagram

1. [+303] You could end up dead if you mess with that religion

2. [+231] He gets it, you guys, he said he's apologizing

3. [+175] It's totally understandable why Muslims would be up in arms about this ㅜㅜ What they think of Allah and how we think of Allah is on a completely different plane

4. [+89] Oof.. don't want to mess with them.. 

5. [+13] Whoa, whoa, that was quite dangerous of him to say

6. [+27] Muslims get angry over stuff like this a lot... I think he should just change the lyrics completely to something else

7. [+4] He did apologize

8. [+2] I wish he'd change the lyrics to something else

9. [+2] Their religion is so scary to me

10. [+11] This is so immature bordering on stupid. Why would he turn millions of Muslims into his enemy by writing something like this? 



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