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Friday, April 16, 2021

Yoon Jong Shin gives his hot take on netizens and cancel culture

Article: Yoon Jong Shin, "Netizens feel a kind of power when they cause someone's downfall"

Source: Insight via Instagram

1. [+222] I agree... and there are way too many celebrities that deserve a downfall still yet

2. [+112] There are some people who are just trolls trying to pass themselves as netizens..

3. [+130] And there are some downfalls that are deserved

4. [+96] Of course when we are now at a time when celebrities who used to be able to hide behind fakeness are all coming to light... They had a good run hiding it all...

5. [+22] How about instead of blaming the people for causing downfalls while living in a society pressed for time and money, why not worry about creating a society where we can all say and think good things about others in the first place?

6. [+29] Has he apologized for his statement on comparing women to sashimi yet?

7. [+21] And where's your apology on comparing women to sashimi?

8. [+55]
Yoon Jong Shin: I like to compare (women) to sashimi. Sashimi needs to be fresh. Second, you need to hit them.
Jung Chi Jan: That's a dangerous statement.
Yoon Jong Shin: I'm just joking. I was trying to be funny. I could be sashimi too, right? I'm just saying that men want fresh women and they get tired of anything that's been out for a long time, right?
Jung Ji Chan: Right, and when men get tired of that sashimi and throw it out, someone else takes it to make a stew out of it and then he gets jealous of that too. 

9. [+23] We're in the age of SNS... this is just something that needs to be accepted, Yoon Jong Shin..

10. [+14] If you had made that sashimi statement today, your career would've been met with a downfall as well. The public has eyes on exactly what celebrities are doing in real time nowadays which is why there are more celebrity downfalls too.

11. [+3] He's not wrong but it's rich coming from Sashimi Jong Shin over here

12. [+3] I, too, participated in some of that with 'Joseon Exorcist'. I went to go leave comments on the actors' instagrams and their news articles. Not hate comments, just criticism.

13. [+4] He's right but what's so wrong about celebrities going down when they deserve to go down?

14. [+43] Seems like Jong Shin's worried about his own career's downfall. But then again, I would be nervous if I were him too considering all that crap I said about a women's freshness being akin to sashimi.

15. [+8] What the f*ck is this idiot saying? These celebrities are all going down because they deserve to. Yes, there are hate comments, but that's not what we're talking about here.



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