TV: [Spoilers!!!] Vincenzo

Article: Vincenzo's kiss scene leaves viewers in a 'hate or love' situation

Source: Wikitree via Instagram

1. [+345] I would prefer that the drama not have a love line because it would make the story too obvious. Chayoung and Cenzo's chemistry is fun the way it is right now but who knows how that will change with the kiss...

2. [+267] All that matters is that the drama's fun to watch, no? Kiss scene or not?

3. [+207] I actually really liked it a lot..?

4. [+109] I was feeling antsy because of the hints at a love line with the ddak-bam but had hopes that they wouldn't go there... I mean, I'll still watch but I don't like the story getting too obvious. What I like about the drama is that it's unpredictable but now it's pretty obvious where the ending is headed ㅜㅜ

5. [+62] I love it, I was screaming while watching the kiss

6. [+35] I actually liked it 🌝

7. [+31] I mean.. I hate love lines, I wish they'd just stick to the business..😭

8. [+10] I didn't know this was such a debated scene..

9. [+9] I don't know why people are getting this fussy over a kiss scene in Vincenzo ;_; it's not like the kiss scene ruined the plot or anything or there's less action scenes because of it. It was perfect all around

10. [+8] I liked it..😢

11. I've noticed that this scriptwriter always writes in a love line that looks like something's going to happen but they sometimes never end up together anyway so I'm fine with it... The scriptwriter has a tendency of adding in a few pit-a-pat, lovey dovey scenes that never go anywhere.