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Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Price of Jennie's luxury cardigan surprises netizens

Article: The 5 million won price of Jennie's cardigan while visiting cherry blossoms surprises netizens

Source: Wikitree via Instagram

1. [+354] I'm not even surprised... ✨

2. [+160] Isn't the cardigan sponsored for her? And that's probably why she took pictures and posted them

3. [+83] But where's her face mask?

4. [+52] The cardigan looks like something I could find at the Dongyo market

5. [+24] That's damn expensive~~😡🔥🔥

6. [+3] Considering how much money Jennie makes and the fact that she's a model for Chanel probably makes the cardigan equivalent to something Jung Hyung Don would pick up at the Dongmyo market

7. [+18] What I don't get is that people will get mad at everyone for taking their mask off for photos but if a celebrity takes their mask off for a photo, no one says anything... why?

8. [+2] I read an article about NCT's Chenle testing positive just before and now I notice that she's not wearing a mask here. Just pointing it out.

9. [+4] Hmm.. the design looks so common, I wonder what makes it so different from anything cheaper? The texture? Maybe it doesn't fall apart when you wash it..??

10. [+2] She probably got it for free since she's a model or bought it with her own money. Being rich and able to afford a 5 million won cardigan is what capitalism is about. The cardigan was produced for people like her in the first place.



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