Luna denies f(x)'s disbandment rumors

Article: Luna denies f(x)'s 'disbandment rumors' and gives hope for a comeback

Source: Insight via Instagram

1. [+142] I don't think f(x) can ever have another comeback... Victoria has moved to a Chinese agency... Krystal has moved to another agency... so has Amber. They're not disbanded but I don't see a comeback happening.

2. [+20] Victoria seems to have left for China while harboring a lot of anti-Korea sentiment so is there still a possibility of a comeback with the remaining three?

3. [+8] A comeback isn't possible because of Victoria

4. [+1] My first and last female group that I was a fan of ㅜ 💜 I miss f(x)

5. Come back, f(x)!

6. Just don't bring back Victoria ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

7. f(x) jjang 💜

8. Feels wrong to have Victoria back, no?? She ran away to China and harbors anti-Korean sentiment!

9. Wait, they're not disbanded yet?

10. Oh, this breaks my heart.. ㅠㅠ