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Friday, November 20, 2020

Defense committee passes new law that allows Hallyu stars to postpone service to 30 years old

Article: Path opens to BTS postponing military service... "up to 30 years old"

Source: SBS via Daum

1. [+931, -266] I'm not a BTS fan but with all that they've accomplished, don't they deserve an exemption? They've spread Korean culture around the world more than a gold medal could. Allowing them to serve at 30 just seems like a selfish decision by the nation.

2. [+730, -73] I'm a man myself but they've done so much for spreading this country's culture and improving our image. They deserve something for that, don't they? Especially when there are others who are abusing their wealth to get out of service..

3. [+655, -187] Just exempt them. They've done enough for our country.

4. [+412, -52] With all the rich families pulling strings to get their kids out of service, so what if BTS doesn't serve when they've already done enough for the country?

5. [+257, -22] They don't have much time left before they start hitting 30.. just seems like a rushed decision. They should've pushed it to at least 35. Even at 30, their careers will still be at their peak.

6. [+204, -10] I think it's a good idea. Give people some time to postpone it if they have things they need to tend to.

7. [+314, -162] Just exempt them.

8. [+131, -18] Whether sooner or later, they still have to serve... It's fine if they do it later!



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