Nurses take offense to Black Pink's portrayal of their uniform in new MV

Article: Korean Health and Medical Workers' Union angered, "Nurse outfits in Black Pink's music video are sexualizing and putting down our profession"

Source: Joongang Ilbo via Naver

1. [+532, -121] Isn't it usually the people who claim themselves to be feminism who are always viewing things in a weird, sexual manner? Why are they always accusing everything of being sexually degrading? Why do they view everything under such a lens when everyone else isn't thinking that? 

2. [+208, -70] The music video scene is an expression of the lyrics saying that even a doctor wasn't able to fix the pain of being lovesick and that she had to overcome it herself. Jennie is playing the role of both doctor and patient and showing that she's a strong woman. "I'm priceless, A prince not even on my list, Love is a drug that I quit. No doctor could help when I'm lovesick." Please don't fall for bait like this and support the type of woman that Black Pink is trying to express.

3. [+194, -77] All this fuss again with the outfits? Why is everything always being accused of being sexualized? 

4. [+89, -30] Feminists claim to be feminists by day but they're obviously watching p*rn every night if they know that nurse outfits are sexualized, aigoo ㅡㅡ

5. [+91, -39] It was a short 3 second scene, it's weird that people are fixating on that and thinking up such weird things about it (if you read the lyrics, their intentions are completely different). I honestly feel like people are taking out their mental health problems on Black Pink;;

6. [+86, -40] Are the commenters here completely insane?;;; I get that you're trying to defend your favorite group but how can you claim that they're not sexualizing an entire profession by their outfit when they've shortened it and styled it in such a manner? Have you ever seen someone take a judge's robe and shorten it into a bodycon dress like this? No nurse in real life would wear such an over the top uniform. Don't you think nurses have a right to feel offended by their portrayal? How would you feel if a group as influential as Black Pink portrayed your profession in such a manner;; It's not just about the lyrics.

7. [+48, -4] This problem continues to be brought up time and time again because nurses continue to be negatively affected by their portrayal by celebrities. I think some people are treating this like it's not a big deal just because it doesn't affect them.

8. [+51, -15] I'm a man but I understand why the nurses would feel this way. They're already working such hard jobs, imagine having to deal with sexual harassment on top of that... I can see why they'd feel uncomfortable seeing their profession portrayed like this on TV.

9. [+40, -5] If nurses took offense to this, that's it, it's game over. Why do third party people think they have a right to an opinion on the subject? Just because "that wasn't the intention" doesn't mean that nurses don't face sexual harassment because of portrayals like this.

10. [+35, -2] All feminism issues aside, I find it disgusting that nurses continue to be portrayed in this manner

11. [+42, -8] I get that freedom of expression exists but from the perspective of the nurses, I can see why they get so pissed seeing this. They already get treated like slaves in the hospitals and then they have to deal with all the creepy ajusshis sexually harassing them because of this image that p*rn has put on them. Black Pink is no longer a rookie group, they should be old enough to step up and say that outfits like this are wrong.. tsk, pathetic.

12. [+31, -4] Nurses are out there suffering right now in masks and full body suits, it's thoughtless to portray them like this in skirts and high heels

13. [+29, -5] Nurses have every right to be mad

14. [+27, -3] Then why is it okay to have female and male groups dancing in school uniforms? 

15. [+26, -4] Men don't understand what the issue is because they've never been victim of sexual harassment. Nurses in the hospitals are still facing sexual harassment every day at work today, and moreso than other professions because their uniforms have long been a subject of sexualization by the media. 

16. [+23, -5] As a nurse suffering through the pandemic right now, this bothers me so much


Source: Naver

1. [+277, -22] Now that I hear the nurses' side of the story, they do seem right

2. [+143, -5] I can see why nurses feel angered by seeing scenes like this

3. [+100, -13] I'm so sick and tired of professions being sexualized like this

4. [+67, -2] As expected from YG. They're always doing things that don't fit the standards of our society.

5. [+21, -4] They're right, though..

6. [+15, -0] This has been an issue for a while now, especially with people cosplaying as nurses. Isn't this YG's fault for failing to consider this when putting it in an influential idol's music video?

7. [+14, -5] I don't get why people are accusing the nurses of overreacting to this. Do you guys really not understand how scenes like this change the perception of nurses in real life? It downgrades them. Do people not see what the uniforms of nurses look like in real life?

8. [+3, -0] I'm currently hospitalized and all of my nurses are angels. This isn't a job that you can do without a sense of duty. YG, you better stop degrading such amazing people.


Source: Naver

1. [+3,139, -393] Sometimes I feel like our country is stricter than Islam or India ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

2. [+1,033, -221] I didn't think of anything when I saw it so I'm amazed at the imaginations turning this into something sexual ㅋ

3. [+280, -71] I think nurses would get mad seeing this. It's a profession that deserves respect but it's always portrayed in this manner on TV. 

4. [+536, -347] She's playing the role of a healer, not a nurse. It's an expression of healing your heart and gaining self confidence!! I guess the lyrics would make it closer to a psychologist!!! I don't know why this is controversial... the uniform is a modern version fit for the music video. Why are you sexualizing it!!!

5. [+119, -31] This is basically the same as portraying a male doctor by dressing him only in underwear with a stethoscope. No nurse dresses like this at work. This is sexualization. 

6. [+103, -16] The criticisms are right. How can you argue that nurses aren't dressed this way in p*rn? Maids, stewardesses, it's all degrading to the people in those professions.

7. [+144, -58] I'm a current nurse and this makes me uncomfortable and upset. I seriously hate that my profession is seen in such a manner.

8. [+80, -11] If the lyrics are about "healing the heart", then why not just wear a doctor's gown? It's been a long time since nurses stopped wearing those caps so why is she wearing one? And who wears such short skirts to work? Why are nurse uniforms always portrayed this way?