Military reiterates their decision on the question of BTS' army exemption

Article: Military Manpower Association on BTS army exemption, "We will not change our decision to deny exemption"

Source: Yonhap News via Naver

1. [+357, -14] But did they ever ask for an exemption? The government's the one that's been making and unmaking all these decisions for them. Stop using them for your political agendas.

2. [+145, -8] Just get rid of all special perks, or change everything into a volunteer-based service

3. [+81, -10] I think it's time that we get rid of perks to begin with. Our country is well known around the world and so much about the field of arts has changed for us to be claiming that excelling in that field has brought prestige to our country. We're not in the 60s anymore... It's time we get rid of all the perks. If we're going to get technical here, BTS is the one out of all of them who brought the most prestige to our country, especially with all the exports they've secured...

4. [+34, -1] Get rid of all the perks. Normal people are sacrificing their own time and skills to fulfill their duties to the nation. It's unfair to treat the accomplishments of men who rank #1-2 in their respective fields as deserving enough for perks. Every life is important.

5. [+32, -1] It's not like BTS runs their group out of a sense of patriotism


Source: Daum

1. [+611, -34] Then get rid of the perk system where some nobody that no one in our own country, let alone the rest of the world, knows the name of is granted an exemption just for at an international classical music competition. How does that win help our country at all...

2. [+325, -9] Let's take this opportunity to get rid of perks for everyone, whether you've won in the Asia Games or at some classical music competition

3. [+281, -25] BTS has always stressed the importance of equality in their messages so how would getting exemptions fit into their story? And it's not like BTS ever said that they weren't going to serve, tsk tsk.

4. [+224, -8] As a fan, I'm just curious why people are always kicking up all this fuss when BTS has always said that they were going to serve. BTS is the one that gets all the hate in the end so please just leave them alone;;

5. [+180, -10] They can be granted the perk of being able to postpone enlistment until 32 years old. It doesn't always just have to be a full exemption.

6. [+186, -33] There are people who have made more money for this country through their skills than BTS but still made the time to serve in the army. Please keep things fair. It's because of the people who served before them that BTS is able to work and make money today...

7. [+156, -14] Our BTS has been nothing but quiet in all of this, please leave them alone

8. [+130, -9] Then get rid of all the perks given to sports athletes too, Olympics or otherwise!!!