Justice Party's youngest lawmaker Ryu Ho Jung attends parliamentary inspection in labor gear after dress controversy

Article: After dress controversy, Ryu Ho Jung shows up wearing helmet + work clothes to parliamentary inspection

Source: Joongang Ilbo via Naver

1. [+2,684, -58] Real attention seeker

2. [+712, -32] There can't be a bigger attention seeker than her. She's really trying to get attention by dressing like this? First the pink dress and now the uniform of laborers? The only thing she's shown for her party is her clothes... how pathetic!!!

3. [+318, -5] Enough with the show. You can't draw lines on a pumpkin and expect to pass it off as a watermelon. Can't stand her. She should donate her annual allowance to actual laborers.

4. [+186, -35] What is she? A mentally disabled attention seeker?

5. [+146, -4] This is such a joke. People are telling her to get to work so she pulls this show? Has she ever worked a day in her life wearing a helmet and gloves? Has she ever worn protective equipment to risk her life on top of a tank? A smoking chimney? Put herself at the risk of electrocution? Worked on electrical panels on a rainy day? If she had done any of this, she could never put on a costume like this just for the show. Put your hypocrisy away. Labor is not a show for you to abuse.

6. [+68, -2] This is so low... how is she a lawmaker at all? She's just an attention wh*re who cares more about becoming a celebrity. This is embarrassing.

7. [+51, -2] The parliament is not some child's playground... why is she acting like such an attention seeker?

8. [+26, -0] Don't just cosplay as one, go to a construction site and work as one for a week. I bet you she'll quiet down real quick.