KakaoTalk releases app for business only 'KakaoWork'

Article: "Please use Katalk only for your private life" a new business Katalk is released

Source: Money Today via Naver

1. [+2,075, -20] I don't need any other feature, I just need the app to stop working after 7 pm

2. [+609, -12] Business only, I like this ㅜㅜ I don't even want my work to know my personal phone number ㅋㅋㅋ

3. [+360, -4] Can you set the app so that you input the time you're supposed to get off work and there's no service after?

4. [+149, -6] I'm already annoyed with my company's group chats, now I guess I can't avoid them at all

5. [+84, -2] Can't stand group chats

6. [+33, -2] I bet you co-workers will still text you on your personal Katalk like "please check the files I just sent" every morning

7. [+30, -1] They better disable the read option, then. You all know how that goes.

8. [+25, -1] I honestly hate this. We already use a group chat in Katalk.. but a business Katalk just makes it feel like now you have to answer any text that comes through that after work hours. Please don't make stuff like this~~~~~~~

9. [+22, -2] I actually really want this, I hate that my co-workers get to spy on my profile picture ㅜㅜ

10. [+20, -1] I want to live in a world with no Katalk

11. [+19, -3] What is the point in a business Katalk? Just don't text me when I'm off work, and use regular Katalk when I'm at work.