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Saturday, August 29, 2020

Hollywood: Chadwick Boseman

Article: 'Black Panther' star Boseman passes away from colon cancer after four year fight

Source: Han via Naver

1. [+3,755, -21] Wakanda forever, we will remember you

2. [+644, -21] May he rest in peace. I enjoyed watching 'Black Panther', this is quite sad news...

3. [+577, -8] Ah... rest in peace... I had no idea that he filmed while still fighting cancer... Please don't hurt anymore and rest peacefully in heaven, Black Panther-nim... we'll remember you forever..

4. [+245, -23] Wow.. he's my favorite actor and character... may he rest in peace

5. [+145, -2] I cannot believe that he shot all those movies while fighting cancer... It breaks my heart because he's someone who has done such great things both on and off screen. RIP.

6. [+63, -2] It's sad that those who deserve death don't go but people like him leave us too early..

7. [+48, -0] Sigh.. who will act as Black Panther now?

8. [+31, -0] Fighting colon cancer all the while shooting a movie that requires optimal body condition... It really must've been a mental battle for him.

9. [+22, -3] 'Black Panther' was my favorite out of the series

10. [17, -2] He's become a hero to the world and now he's gone... this is so upsetting. What does money and honor matter in the face of death.. ㅠㅠ may he rest in peace.



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