Jun So Min's brother reveals the hate comments she's been getting from international 'Running Man' fans

Article: Hate comments against Jun So Min cross the line, the double sides of 'Running Man' international popularity

Source: Sports Today via Nate

1. [+2,250, -53] Did she drink and drive or did she do drugs? What's with the hate comments?

2. [+2,008, -67] Most of her hate comments are from the Chinese. I can't believe they'd threaten her family too, she must have it rough...

3. [+1,475, -42] Looks like overbearing 'mother-in-law fans' are a problem internationally as they are here

4. [+94, -17] The majority of Korean fans have left her favorable reviews saying that 'Running Man' has gotten more fun to watch since she joined. Looks like there are a lot of international 'mother-in-law fans' than I thought. It's funny because the members themselves are actually really close to one another.

5. [+72, -11] Why would you leave hate comments on Jun So Minㅠㅠㅠ???

6. [+66, -8] International fans get caught up on the weirdest stuff..

7. [+61, -12] Isn't 'Running Man' basically running off the backs of Jun So Min and Lee Kwang Soo?? Don't watch if you don't like them.

8. [+49, -7] Hasn't 'Running Man' been doing better since she joined??? Fans should be grateful to her right now, no? I actually started watching because of So Min unni so please don't pay the hate any mind!!

9. [+44, -8] She and Kwang Soo are hard carrying the show, why the hate? Losers, worry about yourselves!

10. [+38, -9] The show would've gotten take off air without So Min. They're barely running on So Min's oxygen tank at the moment. 'Running Man' has lost credit in the eyes of viewers because of how many celebrities started using the show as a platform to promote their dramas. It's boring as it is but So Min has been providing some much needed laughter.