Hwanhee causes a drunk driving accident

Article: 'Drunk driving at a time like this' Singer Hwanhee commits drunk driving accident

Source: News 1 via Nate

1. [+3,115, -20] Can we please make the laws harsher when it comes to drinking and driving. The punishment is so light that people think it's easy to get behind the wheels after a few drinks.. How many more lives need to be sacrificed to drunk drivers?

2. [+2,183, -34] Farewell~ doubt we'll be seeing you on TV again

3. [+2,120, -25] Aigo~

4. [+72, -4] If you want to die, please do it alone. Why would you threaten the lives of other people with loving families? This makes driving feel so scary to me. What's it matter if I follow all the traffic laws when drunk drivers don't? All it takes is one drunk stranger to take my life and it's over.

5. [+72, -6] People who drink and drive aren't human

6. [+62, -1] Why do these rich people skimp when it comes to calling a taxi..? I don't get it..

7. [+57, -4] Farewell. I'm done with you. I'm actually surprised that there are still people who think it's okay to drink and drive. Make the laws harsher, people just aren't getting it ㅡㅡ

8. [+50, -1] Is he crazy? From Seoul to Yongin? You'd have to be crazy to make that trip drunk.

9. [+36, -2] Either don't drink or don't get behind the wheel, what made him think that he could get away without calling a taxi? Driving drunk is a habit because people think they won't get caught just because they got away with it the first few times.

10. [+34, -0] I doubt this was his first time

11. [+29, -1] You have enough money to drive a Benz but you ruined your life by skimping on taxi fees

12. [+24, -0] Looks like he thought he'd get away with it because they aren't testing alcohol levels because of corona. People need to realize that this is attempted murder.


Source: Nate

1. [+2,246, -41] Wow~~~~ farewell!

2. [+1,694, -26] Goodbye

3. [+104, -3] I'm really curious why the rich don't call someone to drive for them

4. [+98, -1] He must not have learned from all the celebrities before him who got caught drinking and driving

5. [+79, -2] We don't need you to repent for your crime with good music so please stay in reflection and live quietly

6. [+57, -0] I just really don't get it...

7. [+55, -1] I mean, he's seen his fellow celebrities completely ruin their lives over drunk driving scandals, how do you still go and do it? It's obvious that he's always done it, just that it's his first time getting caught.

8. [+44, -3] Hul.. disappointing..

9. [+41, -2] So thoughtless.. you would think people would get it by now

10. [+37, -1] There's rarely a case where a person decides to drink and drive for the first time in their life and get caught that same day.. it's usually people who have always done it and think they were unlucky for getting caught