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Thursday, February 20, 2020

President Moon Jae In enjoys a luncheon with 'Parasite' crew amid Coronavirus outbreak

Article: 'Parasite' team enjoys luncheon with President Moon Jae In... Director Bong Joon Ho, "Wild with shock"

Source: Mydaily via Naver

1. [+6,206, -487] And yet the nation is wild with the shock of Coronavirus...

2. [+3,982, -627] Shoving jjapaguri in their mouth at a time like this, wow...

3. [+2,245, -277] At a time like this?? Hul, do they not know where their priorities are?

4. [+1,303, -77] Moon Jae In, while you're eating jjapaguri with the 'Parasite' cast in the Blue House, there are hundreds of doctors and nurses working in hospitals to take care of their patients. One has already died.. how are you in the right state of mind? People are so scared of the coronavirus and are wearing masks all over the subways and yet you're having fun talking about jjapaguri in the Blue House? Moon Jae In, you realize that you're exactly the type of rich who are depicted in the movie 'Parasite'? Not an ounce of care for the rest of the people, you only care about yourself.

5. [+974, -55] I've been trying to be more understanding but I had no idea the president was this foolish... I don't think he even knows whether he's a president or a variety star. One person has died to the coronavirus due to his lack of caution, and there are now over 100 infected patients. Does he really have the time to be eating jjapaguri right now?

6. [+853, -039] Hmm... hard to support this. Even if they had to go through with the luncheon, at least keep it private.. There are over 100 infected patients right now... at least cancel the luncheon.

7. [+797, -23] Talk about poor timing. On one side, we have the upper class enjoying a festival of laughter... while on the other side, we have common citizens preparing funerals... It's pathetic that the president is out here celebrating during such dangerous times, and that the movie producers couldn't even decline and are sitting there laughing along with him. Can't stand either of them.

8. [+527, -18] The commoners in the basement are dying to the Coronavirus while the president and his upperclassmen are up on the lawn eating jjapaguri


Source: Nate

1. [+3,972, -1,166] Yes, the timing of all of this is pretty bad... What 'Parasite' accomplished is amazing but the luncheon should've been rescheduled to another date.

2. [+3,742, -1,297] Imagine if we had a 'Parasite' party during the Sewol Ferry tragedy. How would the public have reacted?

3. [+2,759, -892] ㅡㅡ Sigh, please learn to read the situation better..

4. [+411, -120] The country is 5 minutes from falling apart and yet look how excited they look

5. [+376, -107] We are losing the golden time of this virus and yet he's sitting there eating jjapaguri

6. [+367, -60] We're at a point where we need to declare the country a state of disaster and yet he's sitting there eating ramen

7. [+321, -98] The nation is going nuts over the Coronavirus and yet he's sitting there with Bong Joon Ho laughing and smiling? Is he really our president? I don't think he realizes how bad it really is out there. Talk about a bleak future ahead of us.

8. [+284, -52] How can you even stomach jjapaguri at a time like this?

9. [+278, -41] Logically speaking, this is no time to be giggling over jjapaguri right now. We just got 30 new infected cases in just under a day, what about any of this is so funny? We even have a death to add to the toll. The luncheon should've been canceled this morning. Even if the president was thoughtless enough to go through with it, his staff should've known better and canceled it.

10. [+234, -38] Even if the luncheon was a scheduled event, it should've been canceled..! Daegu is under severe conditions right now... how can you be smiling over jjapaguri?


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