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Monday, December 30, 2019

Changmin confirms his first relationship since debut

Article: [Exclusive] Changmin confirms first relationship 16 years since debut... "warm blessings for the couple"

Source: SpoTV News via Naver

1. [+10,984, -200] This just shows how important the trajectory of your life is. When news of that Toilet's wedding surfaced, people were ridiculing him. Meanwhile, everyone is blessing Changmin.

2. [+4,042, -40] Congratulations

3. [+2,852, -33] Congratulations! Jealous of your girlfriend ㅠㅠ

4. [+1,536, -33] Congratulations, have a happy relationship

5. [+766, -19] Congratulations

6. [+496, -6] First dating news in 16 years, he's really amazing at managing himself

7. [+430, -18] Who would ever put down the relationship of a 31 year old man who lived his life with character and donated to charities all his life. I actually want to give him my blessings all the way to marriage. As an idol group member and singer, he'll be a TVXQ member at least for the next 30 years, and I hope that he'll know to get married when he feels right. Knowing what a great person he is, I'm sure his girlfriend is someone just as awesome... congratulations on a beautiful relationship. I'll always support Yunho and Changmin when it comes to relationships or marriage.

8. [+398, -2] Changmin-ah, congratulations!!!

9. [+379, -20] I can see why TVXQ was split the way it was, now.. congratulations~

10. [+354, -6] Wow, not one scandal since his debut. Amazing. I remember all the women going crazy when they debuted with 'Hug' when I was a choding. Time flies... I hope he gets married to someone great.



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