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Monday, November 25, 2019

TOP expresses his condolences for Goo Hara

Article: Big Bang TOP's expresses condolences on Goo Hara, "I'm sorry, Hara-ya... rest in peace"

Source: Starin via Nate

1. [+1,592, -86] There's a lot to say but let's just pass on it this time for the sake of his condolences... Let's ignore what we don't want to see...

2. [+1,265, -88] Big Bang and KARA were active at the same time so let's not give him any hate since he's just expressing his condolences

3. [+913, -57] May she rest in peace. We need to get rid of comment sections on all the portal sites, and revamp the laws so that hate commenters are legally punishable.

4. [+93, -5] Why didn't he reply to her.. Was he so busy that he didn't even have the time to type 'thank you' when she wished him a happy birthday? Imagine if you wished someone a happy birthday and they ignored you, how would that make you feel...

5. [+73, -8] Why didn't he reply? If it was on November 4th, he ignored her for 20 days

6. [+50, -1] Looks like Hara took care of the people around her..

7. [+49, -31] Don't forget that TOP is trash

8. [+42, -3] I really can't stand watching celebrities looking out for their own image whenever something like this happens. He had no problem ignoring her when she was alive. I doubt things would've gotten this bad if she had at least one person in her life who would've listened to her. Instead, they were busy ignoring her because they were "busy", ignoring her calls... If only someone picked up when she was going through hard times. All of this shows me that not one celebrity picked up and listened. I want celebrities to stop looking after their own image.

9. [+27, -4] Goo Hara's so kind... I always thought that when I saw her on 'Invincible Youth'. Rest in peace.

10. [+26, -9] All he had to do was say rest in peace. Did he really have to show that he ignored her messages? Why act so arrogant? I try to spare my words when it comes to him but he just isn't helping.


Source: Naver

1. [+1,326, -310] TOP-ah.. just staying quiet is probably the best for Hara right now.

2. [+692, -293] Is this something you're proud of? Leaving her texts on read?... So pathetic.

3. [+342, -24] No hate comments allowed

4. [+323, -27] The same people putting down hate comments are sitting here hating on TOP... All he's doing is expressing his condolences... must you criticize him in an article like this?

5. [+249, -13] May she rest in peace. TOP lost two friends in two months, I'm sure he's already hurting inside. Please stop with the hate comments.

6. [+140, -3] It's because of articles like this that celebrities suffer hate comments. If the media would just ban writing articles about Instagram pictures, people who don't care wouldn't even have to read about it.

7. [+116, -3] He's getting ripped apart for saying anything now

8. [+113, -10] People starting with the hate comments even after killing two, tsk tsk

9. [+82, -18] Look at these haters getting in on it again ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ what are you people doing

10. [+65, -6] Whether he didn't reply or couldn't... leaving her on read was not the cause of her suicide... so please stop with the hate comments on him.



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