Jung Eunji offers encouraging words for test takers

Article: Jung Eunji, "The college entrance exam is not everything in life, I'm a high school graduate but a good DJ"

Source: Newsen via Nate

1. [+2,100, -150] Could you have said this if you weren't a celebrity?

2. [+1,961, -137] You're a celebrity, how do you think this counts as advice?

3. [+1,586, -70] It may not be everything in life but it also isn't nothing either

4. [+105, -14] It's because you're a high school graduate that you think this is helpful ㅋㅋ Whether you're a good DJ or not is judged by your listeners, not yourself.

5. [+103, -7] This is the type of advice that isn't helpful at all to actual test takers... If the test "isn't everything in life", then you're just discrediting all the time they spent studying for it. They'll realize that on their own once they find jobs and join society. For students now, this test is a compensation for the hard work they've put in thus far... I think the best advice you can give any student is to just applaud them for making it this far.

6. [+77, -6] Can she please get some common sense? A celebrity's life and non-celebrity's life are not the same.

7. [+74, -2] It may not be everything in life but you definitely get more choices in life if you do well on it

8. [+72, -3] Is she really saying this as genuine helpful advice? This is more like a humble brag than any words of support ㅋㅋㅋ

9. [+51, -5] I've been an A Pink fan for a long time.. and Jung Eunji has a way of saying things that are off-putting. It's obvious that she has positive intentions behind what she's saying but the nuance of it comes out wrong. She should be more careful.

10. [+43, -5] I'd understand if a celebrity like Kim Jung Hoon or Kim Tae Hee was saying this but coming from the mouth of a celebrity who's never even studied..

11. [+38, -5] She's well-intentioned but dumb

12. [+34, -3] Advice like yours is only helpful if you're a high school graduate turned self-made CEO