AOA and Mamamoo cover each other's songs on 'Queendom'

Article: 'Queendom' Mamamoo x AOA elicit 'goosebumps' with covers of each other's songs... Park Bom covers 'Han'

Source: OSEN via Nate

1. [+669, -175] Mamamoo and AOA had great stages

2. [+598, -73] Park Bom needed to have called someone like CL to at least make her stage worthwhile... Cheetah's not that great at singing either... could barely understand what she was singing because of the mumbled pronunciations

3. [+525, -321] I think Mamamoo gets perceived as more talented than they actually are because they're ugly. Solar needs to stop terrorizing my eyes with her outfits. She has no talent and thinks screaming out her high notes is good singing. No charm at all, and her face looks like Jo Hye Ryun.

4. [+419, -58] 'Queendom' made me become an AOA fan

5. [+144, -40] AOA was really great today

6. [+129, -91] Mamamoo did great

7. [+118, -30] AOA was really cool today. They're 8 years in but still work hard. Hyejung especially is so funny ㅋㅋ almost became a fan

8. [+111, -12] Mamamoo's kind of cringe because they try too hard to look like they're having fun on stage; and Solar's panty outfit while she touched her chest was disgusting;;

9. [+99, -8] AOA won this week. They pulled off their cover like it was their own song. They said they practiced every day and it showed. They were the best out of the three this week. As for Park Bom, she looked like she was lip syncing because of how awkward her facial expressions were. So awkward and embarrassing when she started dancing... For someone who's on the show to try and win #1, she was actually the worst.

10. [+95, -8] AOA daebak! Seolhyun was crazy!!!!


Source: Naver

1. [+244, -25] AOA was so damn cool

2. [+145, -13] Mamamoo's live was amazing

3. [+142, -19] AOA's cover was the most like a cover. Mamamoo's was like a miniconcert, just felt like a mini Mamamoo show more than a cover of anything. They were fun but I forgot that it was supposed to be a cover of 'Good Luck' by the end of it. With Park Bom, I was hoping for a 2NE1 member to pop out so it ruined the mood when Cheetah came out instead ㅜㅠ

4. [+98, -10] All of AOA were so great ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ why so good??

5. [+69, -17] AOA had the best cover~ can't wait for G-IDLE's performance next week~