Goo Hye Sun retorts Ahn Jae Hyun's statement

Article: Goo Hye Sun, "Ahn Jae Hyun requested a divorce claiming that I'm not sexy" retort again

Source: Star News via Nate

1. [+537, -30] What does he mean by "a n*pple that doesn't look sexy"?

2. [+521, -30] Is this real life;;;;

3. [+515, -36] Sigh, I hate that I thought of her as weird for even a second after reading Ahn Jae Hyun's post... what he said to her last... I can't imagine how embarrassed she must've felt as a woman

4. [+396, -42] He's Jung Jun Young's friend alright

5. [+357, -27] What Ahn Jae Hyun wrote could never have come out of his own brain. It was written too well for that. Don't forget that he's close friends with Jung Jun Young.

6. [+314, -13] I'm a total stranger and hearing that makes me feel so s*xually harassed and embarrassed. "Your n*pples aren't sexy"... Ahn Jae Hyun is cheap trash.

7. [+298, -18] Hul, daebak, I think Goo Hye Sun is right. As a woman, I can understand how lonely she must've felt, what must've been going through her head. The fact that she's willing to release all this embarrassing stuff feels like a cry for help.

8. [+262, -8] Wow.. seriously.. imagine how she must've been hurt for her to even reveal all of this as a celebrity... image is so important in her career..

9. [+247, -11] You fool, how dare you say something like that to your wife? Even I feel like tearing up just hearing that. You're nothing but trash.

10. [+232, -8] Ah.... I can feel Goo Hye Sun's desperation... having to release so much explicit information to explain her situation... I feel so sad for her as a woman...

11. [+222, -13] Ahn Jae Hyun's gaslighting is no joke... he's so cruel...

12. [+205, -11] I'm so shocked that he said that to her. He acted like such romantist on TV only to treat her like that off camera.

13. [+194, -9] What in the world... I get no longer having feelings for your wife but how do you treat her like that...