Son Naeun impresses with her perfect body

Article: A Pink Son Naeun 'perfect pose'

Source: OSEN via Nate

1. [+524, -63] I'm sorry but she shouldn't have gotten plastic surgery

2. [+162, -24] Before she got surgery, people liked to talk about how she had a flat face, or how her nose made her look young, or how her looks were just lacking that 2% of something, but all that amounted to interested and attention in the end. After she got surgery, people just lost interest... She used to be so charming before but now she's just a pretty plastic monster with a good body, nothing more or less..

3. [+134, -20] She got attention for her plastic surgery but not because she looked good but because the surgery was a fail, and that's fact

4. [+39, -17] A Pink's outfits get more and more revealing... It's always so short. When you watch her fancams, she always looks busy pulling down her skirt while dancing.

5. [+23, -6] She used to have such a girly look to her but now...

6. [+19, -10] Wow her body

7. [+16, -4] She looks like gagwoman Hong Hyun Hee after the surgery;;;

8. [+15, -7] Top tier body, low tier face, that's just where she's at now in the industry, fact-wise

9. [+10, -3] Skinny and lean

10. [+8, -0] Her face used to be so pretty in a calming way... She had that innocent look that made her youthful. All her features harmonized together in a way that said "you don't need huge eyes to be pretty, you need harmony"... ever since she got her eyes or nose done, it just looks like she went too far.