Goo Hye Sun reveals her new book is about her past relationships before marrying Ahn Jae Hyun

Article: Goo Hye Sun, "My new novel is about my dating experiences with men before Ahn Jae Hyun"

Source: Mydaily via Nate

1. [+2,303, -78] Why would a married person do this...?

2. [+1,865, -100] Is she psycho?

3. [+1,564, -62] ......

4. [+208, -6] This is so, how do I put it, disrespectful...;

5. [+203, -7] She is not normal

6. [+180, -3] Are things not going well with her husband these days?

7. [+165, -5] Something about this couple feels off....

8. [+155, -7] This is just declaring a face off with her husband. No respect or consideration at all for him.

9. [+150, -26] Song Hye Gyo, Ham So Won, Goo Hye Sun... maybe because their husbands are all younger than them but there's something about the way they treat them that makes it seem like they don't see them as equal partners but someone below them.

10. [+116, -1] Why would Ahn Jae Hyun put up with this? He did seem too kind on variety shows before.


Source: Nate

1. [+1,265, -102] I would understand if she was middle aged and wrote a book looking back on her years but she's just a newlywed, why would you write a book about something like this?...

2. [+1,073, -59] Ahn Jae Hyun's amazing for putting up with this. They're still married and yet she's putting out a book about her past relationships? And even giving interviews and promoting it?

3. [+956, -59] What's wrong with her??????? It's like she's not happy with her life at all

4. [+91, -12] She's so 10-dimensional... and this is inconsiderate to her husband

5. [+76, -5] Instead of feeling grateful that your husband allowed this, you should be the bigger person and be more considerate so that they never had to allow it. She's so selfish.

6. [+65, -8] What a unique brain she has...

7. [+54, -3] She seems weird, I feel like she'd have no friends either...

8. [+46, -4] I'm sensing a divorce on the horizon...

9. [+37, -1] So inconsiderate

10. [+36, -3] She's the type who's better off living alone....

11. [+33, -5] Stuck in middle school mindset + starved for love and affection

12. [+27, -7] She's so dumb, what man would want to hear about their wife's past relationships? Vice versa, too... this has divorce written all over it.