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Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Song Joong Ki announces he has filed for divorce from Song Hye Gyo

Article: Song Joong Ki, "In the process of divorce proceedings with Song Hye Gyo... I'm sorry for the bad news" [official statement]

Source: Mydaily via Nate

1. [+762, -17] After all that fuss over whether they were wearing their rings or not and it really happened... this is shocking

2. [+755, -16] Super shocking.......

3. [+752, -15] What is this, what a way to start the morning with a shock.....

4. [+237, -9] Song Joong Ki seems smart to end things after he's realizing that he needs to

5. [+234, -10] Everyone knows Song Joong Ki has liked her for a long time so for him to be the one to file for divorce makes me wonder about Song Hye Gyo's image...???

6. [+196, -6] I did think they rushed their wedding with how head over heels Song Joong Ki was in love with her ㅜㅜ

7. [+188, -16] The fact that he filed for divorce first and that he mentioned "and escaping from the current pain" makes me wonder... Everyone knows he was a fan of hers since before their marriage and it makes me think Song Hye Gyo did something wrong... how upsetting as a fan of both~

8. [+158, -21] Why do people find this shocking? I always thought Song Joong Ki was making a poor decision when I heard news of his marriage to Song Hye Gyo. She's had so many scandals with other men and that tax evasion scandal too, tsk.

9. [+154, -2] More shocking than when they announced their marriage...

10. [+144, -10] Feels like Song Hye Gyo did something gravely wrong

11. [+133, -10] The fact that he filed for divorce first ㅋㅋ I always knew he rushed into things with a scandalous woman.. should've been more careful

12. [+133, -12] So shocking.. they were the couple of the century so for him to file for divorce... what did Song Hye Gyo do, really...


Source: Nate

1. [+811, -135] There must've been a reason Song Hye Gyo was always dating a new man with every drama..

2. [+801, -17] Hul??? It hasn't even been that long since they got married... this is daebak if it's true

3. [+531, -50] It sounds like Song Joong Ki tried his best to hold it in and couldn't anymore...

4. [+151, -2] The Regret of the Sun

5. [+140, -1] Remember when the media was making a fuss about their wedding rings? Maybe they already knew and were just eyeing for the timing...

6. [+125, -1] Probably best to divorce now before there are kids involved

7. [+121, -1] Probably the more shocking piece of news as of recently

8. [+89, -2] So the Chinese media had already caught on ㅋㅋ

9. [+88, -5] It just feels like it's not Song Joong Ki's fault

10. [+73, -5] Song Joong Ki seems too naive ㅜㅜ


Source: Naver

1. [+4,494, -24] Wait.. am I still asleep..

2. [+2,967, -463] Reminds me of the saying that people who cheat were just born with it in their bones

3. [+2,349, -385] Wow.. for Song Joong Ki to have been the one to file, was there something going on with Song Hye Gyo...

4. [+1,202, -38] Quite the shocking news this morning

5. [+1,031, -71] The killing part here is that Song Joong Ki filed first and he used the word 'pain' twice, that's enough to leave it up to our interpretations...



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