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Monday, June 3, 2019

Shin Se Kyung and Bomi's hidden camera criminal could get up to two years

Article: [Exclusive] Prosecutors ask for 2 years jail for staff who filmed 'hidden camera' video in Shin Se Kyung's dorm

Source: Everyday Econ via Nate

1. [+2,363, -18] But he prepared and packed the hidden camera equipment before getting on the plane... how can it be accidental...? It sounds like it was planned?

2. [+1,981, -32] Sigh, the punishments are so weak compared to the severity of the crimes in our country. Two years in jail these days is basically equivalent to a short retreat somewhere.

3. [+1,585, -101] Shin Se Kyung must have strong instincts to have caught that

4. [+116, -3] "He has no previous history of crime and seems to have committed an accidental crime from being overseas" what kind of horse sh*t is this? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ "from being overseas"? Does being overseas somehow make you lose all sense of logic and reason?

5. [+114, -1] What kind of person films a hidden camera video "accidentally"...

6. [+112, -0] At this point, I'm wondering how many people who work in the industry have gotten away with stuff like htis... This staff just got caught because Shin Se Kyung caught the camera in the room, but imagine the rest?

7. [+96, -2] I bet there's tons of hidden camera footage from those 24 hour reality shows!! This staff would've gotten away with it too if Shin Se Kyung didn't catch on... very smart of her.

8. [+64, -3] Two years just for setting up a hidden camera? Now I'm looking forward to what the sentencing will be like for date r*ping, r*ping, and filming and distributing it.

9. [+48, -1] If he had gotten away with the camera, he could've blackmailed them in addition to it too, and yet he might only get two years... I highly doubt this is his first time either. If he's brave enough to try it on a celebrity, I bet he has more experience before this.

10. [+25, -0] That is so lenient.....



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