Jun Somi reveals she's grown to 172 cm tall

Article: Jun Somi, "I grew up to 172 cm in three years"

Source: Herald Pop via Nate

1. [+6310, -144] Her maturity needs to grow along with that

2. [+491, -113] Who cares if you're tall when you act totally c*cky on TV?

3. [+342, -55] Somi-ya, fire your coordi

4. [+45, -14] Her face doesn't match her age...

5. [+42, -10] I get that she's young but she's so immature. I don't even know how she decided to go solo when she doesn't have the talent for it. Sure, people tolerated her because she had a pretty face in 'Produce 101' but that won't fly anymore.

6. [+25, -4] Honestly, Ida Daussy is beautiful... it makes me laugh when I see Somi fans get all angry when people say she looks like Ida Daussy

7. [+25, -7] I don't think it's only her height that grew but her bone structure overall... I noticed ever since her IOI days that her dance moves have always looked a bit slow ㅜ Please focus on maturing the inner parts of you as well, Jun Somi fighting!!!

8. [+16, -0] So many tall kids in IOI, Kim Doyeon's 174, Im Nayoung's 171, Jun Somi's 172..

9. [+7, -3] She used to be so bright and outgoing but that all looks so haughty and tryhard ever since she went to YG ㅋㅋ and she tries to act so cute when she's too big for that now