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Monday, May 6, 2019

Lee Min Ho confirmed for Kim Eun Sook's next drama

Article: Lee Min Ho confirms comeback with scriptwriter Kim Eun Sook 'The King'... working with her again after 6 years since 'The Heirs'

Source: OSEN via Nate

1. [+511, -36] Wow, working with scriptwriter Kim Eun Sook... he definitely picked a daebak for his comeback drama.

2. [+371, -45] Happy to hear that he picked up a drama

3. [+330, -43] Wow, the second time since 'The Heirs', can't wait

4. [+54, -26] Aigoo, I'm a bit disappointed... I was hoping for another male actor that we don't see that often, not just another youth star.. I'm tired of Lee Min Ho's acting style and there are way more actors who are better than him, there really wasn't anyone else to cast before him?

5. [+46, -12] I still don't understand why he's popular and why he gets lead roles. People call him handsome but I don't see any charm in him.

6. [+45, -12] I wouldn't say he has exceptional acting skills

7. [+44, -11] He lacks tonality and diction, his acting leaves much to be desired

8. [+43, -16] I never got the feeling that he was a great match with Kim Eun Sook with 'The Heirs'.

9. [+37, -5] I was looking forward to it being Jo In Sung or Won Bin. I feel like someone of Kim Eun Sook's rank could cast Won Bin. I'm a bit disappointed.

10. [+29, -3] I like Lee Min Ho but I would've rather they gone with a hidden gem ㅜㅜㅜ...

11. [+28, -1] Lee Min Ho isn't a style that Koreans like... he'd be daebak in China.

12. [+26, -4] I can't stand his dramas because they're always so corny



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