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Monday, May 6, 2019

Burning Sun's whistleblower reveals he's receiving death threats

Article: Burning Sun's whistleblower, man in his twenties... "I've been receiving death threats since revealing the truth about VIP drugs, date r*pe drugs, and s*xual assault"

Source: Mydaily via Naver

1. [+6,256, -21] Thank you for being brave. I'm sure it was a difficult decision... I hope that your report can help change this dirty world even by a little bit.. and I hope that your bravery isn't going to waste.

2. [+2,581, -13] To the Burning Sun employees... to all of you worried that you're going to be affected... Do you really want to live the rest of your life in regret and fear? This man is the true winner for being brave enough to tell the truth. Stop living a life that you have to reflect over! I hope that the rest of them can muster the bravery to right the wrongs.

3. [+2,496, -20] If this young man dies, Korea's future will die with him

4. [+1,106, -14] Huk, is it okay to reveal his picture like this?
- [+1,033, -2] His identity has already been revealed... age, name, everything. Kim Sang Gyo-ssi revealed everything. This man revealed everything about himself confidently when he came out with his report. I think it's so that we can protect him...
- [+356 -1] Sometimes going public with your identity can be a safer option
- [+454 ,-2] Going public might make it harder for them to mess with him. If something were to ever happen to him now, everyone involved will be in trouble.

5. [+771, -8] I support you

6. [+281, -1] He needs protection...

7. [+212, -3] Seungri-ya, YG-ya, what has your business done? All of this was founded on the money you received with the love and support of the youth. You guys are public figures, you guys are stars. What have you done behind our backs? This is so disgusting. Why couldn't you have been satisfied with the money you already made? Why would you want to make more money in such a vomit-inducing manner? You only live 100 years of life, why can't you live them humanely? You don't want to be remembered for all this, do you?...

8. [+209, -2] Please protect him

9. [+130, -2] Shouldn't he be protected? Why is his picture being released like this???

10. [+117, -1] He needs protection



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