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Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Joo Jin Mo finalizes wedding plans to doctor fiance for June

Article: [Exclusive] Joo Jin Mo and Min Hye Yeon to get married at Jeju in June

Source: Munhwa Ilbo via Nate

1. [+1,336, -23] They look alike... There's the saying that if a couple looks alike, they're destined for a great life together. Hope they have a happy marriage.

2. [+1,087, -17] They have similar eyes and noses

3. [+852, -12] They look even more alike in these photos... anyway, a look alike couple is meant to be happy, right?

4. [+62, -7] Women who are super educated like her must have some fantasy about male celebrities or something. Park Myung Soo's wife, Go Ji Yong's wife, this woman... It must not only be wealthy men who go crazy for beautiful women. I guess educated women like her put a lot of importance on looks in a partner as well...

5. [+46, -6] The woman comes from a family of three generations of doctors... and she graduated from Seoul Medical University. Tall, pretty~~ why would she marry Joo Jin Mo?????

6. [+37, -2] I wonder if their intelligence matches up... the woman is clearly in the top 0.1%...

7. [+36, -4] I feel like she could do better. She's a doctor. What's the point in dating a celebrity when you know how dirty the industry is?

8. [+21, -2] They look like they could be siblings

9. [+20, -4] What does Joo Jin Mo have going for him other than his handsome face? He doesn't have a hit drama so he probably doesn't have much money saved... and yet the woman is 10 years younger from a family of doctors... what a waste.

10. [+14, -1] Her parents don't have a problem with this? He's a third rate actor... who's 10 years older than her..


Source: Naver

1. [+3,136, -39] They look alike~~ ^^ as they say, that means you're destined to be happy~~ congratulations

2. [+937, -14] Surprising how much they look alike

3. [+643, -19] They have the same nose

4. [+276, -70] If I had her credentials, I'd rather marry a younger man

5. [+233, -75] Why would she work that hard at her life only to end up marrying Joo Jin Mo? Especially when he's 10 years older than her.

6. [+150, -18] Her features are a bit masculine~ More handsome than pretty~

7. [+129, -9] There are some... pretty well known rumors about Joo Jin Mo among the parlors... He's had his fun, now he's settling down!~ That's how you live life!

8. [+86, -4] Looks like Go Jun Hee was just to date around with

9. [+83, -17] Seoul University, intelligence, sexy, she has it all... so why would you marry Joo Jin Mo? Why? Why? She obviously has brains but no eye for men.

10. [+66, -4] Imagine sending your daughter off to Seoul Medical and she comes back with this...



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