Yong Junhyung denies any involvement with Jung Jun Young's hidden camera videos

Article: Yong Junhyung reps, "No relation to the illegally filmed videos... will take legal action against false rumors"

Source: Sports Seoul via Naver

1. [+11,690, -91] I completely agree that Seungri and Jung Jun Young should be punished but this is such an obvious tactic used by the real higher-ups to distract the public with a few celebrities while they make their escape. It's obvious what they're doing by placing the full focus of the blame on the celebrities. We can't forget that this scandal involves illegal connections with the police as well.

2. [+4,039, -38] As Na Hoon Ah once said, if you reveal a name, only one person is affected, but if you withhold the name, several are.

3. [+3,389, -292] So Yong Junhyung confirmed he is the 'Yong' in the Katalks but it was a personal message he sent Jung Jun Young three years ago asking what was happening during his hidden camera scandal. The media tried to make it sound like he was a part of the group chat that's involved with the actual hidden camera sharing.

4. [+2,454, -30] January 2016, Zico said on 'Radio Star', "Jung Jun Young has a 'golden phone' that isn't his main phone but a separate emergency phone that he only uses Kakao Talk on. There are a lot of people in that phone like Pokemon." Jung Jun Young said in response, "Zico looks for my golden phone whenever he comes over to my house. He lays on my bed and goes through everything as if that phone belongs to him."

5. [+830, -106] But isn't it already a proof of Yong Junhyung's character? He knew his friend was spreading hidden camera videos and when Jung Jun Young messaged him saying "I got caught ㅋㅋ", instead of telling him not to film those videos, all Yong Junhyung could ask was, "You got caught by that girl?" I was a fan but this disappoints me.

6. [+550, -2] Suddenly everything feels so far away from Burning Sun

7. [+391, -12] The only solution is to just release the names of everyone in that group chat. Only releasing the last names isn't fair and solves nothing; Just release the list and show what's true.

8. [+404, -44] 'Yong' is Yong Jun Hyung but the screencap in question was from 2016 in a personal conversation with Jung Jun Young about his scandal at the time. Jung Jun Young told him that he got caught and Yong Junhyung asked back "by the girl?". We can't be sure what the context of the conversation is but it feels unfair to hate on Yong Junhyung over this just now.

9. [+306, -24] But that means Yong Junhyung knew he was recording those videos though

10. [+237, -18] Not sure what people expected Yong Junhyung to do. Everyone knew about his scandal at the time and Yong Junhyung probably asked if he got caught by the girl in the scandal when Jung Jun Young said he got caught. He's a fellow celebrity, it's not like Yong Junhyung can go report him to the police or anything. Just gotta realize that he's a bad person and stay away or something...

11. [+162, -13] Either way, the 'Yong' in the Katalk is Yong Junhung and he's known for years that Jung Jun Young has been recording these videos

12. [+112, -5] Their conversation sounds weird though.... If someone tells you that they got caught sharing a hidden camera video, wouldn't your first response to be to ask "what video?" or "you recorded a video?" instead of "did you get caught by that girl?"