ITZY's Chaeryung is her unni's lookalike

Article: ITZY Chaeryung, I look like my unni right?

Source: Asia Today via Nate

1. [+581, -50] I don't even know who your unni is, man

2. [+514, -202] Well she doesn't have an idol face

3. [+480, -140] Her face looks mad ㅎ

4. [+74, -33] She looks like that Japanese monkey with the long nose

5. [+68, -46] Ugly

6. [+61, -25] Both sister and dongsaeng are ugly, I always wondered how they became idols at all.. and then saw a picture of their wealthy family ㅋㅋ

7. [+57, -9] Both her and her unni aren't ugly or anything but they don't have the looks or charms that most idols have. That's probably why people think of them as ugly. They're great at singing and dancing but don't stand out on stage at all, which is something Bae Yoon Jung teared up over because it's a pity. You can be ugly and have charm but they don't have charm at all, which is a huge negative as an idol. Even Yeji has the type of look that people either love or hate but she has a charm all her own so she stands out either way. I just can't help but wonder why they chose the idol path at all.

8. [+56, -68] I don't think she's ugly enough to be this hated on, why all the hate? She's charming looking.

9. [+55, -11] Don't leave all these comments, guys, her mom's going to come chase you again

10. [+37, -2] Faces like hers are usually super talented vocals

11. [+32, -9] If she looks like this even after professional styling... she must look unbearable without hair and make up....

12. [+32, -19] She's a good dancer... but the other members are so much prettier that I don't really see her as objectively pretty ㅠㅠ but she seems like a good person, very good speaker too.