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Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Sana braves the cold in her tiny dress at the '2019 Seoul Music Awards'

Article: Sana 'short is too skirt'

Source: MK Sports via Nate

1. [+370, -42] Sana has so much aegyo and she's so good at Korean that I often forget she's Japanese. She writes really pretty Hangeul too. Sana fighting.

2. [+341, -79] She's cleansing my eyes after I saw Whasa

3. [+279, -39] Sana-ya.. I love you

4. [+17, -1] Everyone was freezing on the red carpet, couldn't they have checked the weather and held it inside? I bet you some of these singers are going to catch colds and won't be able to perform later...

5. [+14, -0] Why dress her like this when it's so cold ㅜㅜ

6. [+12, -3] The one top, our Sana is so pretty!!

7. [+9, -1] Could've dressed her warmer when it's so cold

8. [+4, -0] So pretty but her dress is so short for how cold it is today. I always wonder how cold they are on the red carpet and then see them smiling so professionally the entire time.

9. [+4, -0] I always thought of her as the cute and aegyo character of the group but she's actually the sexy type now that I see her more

10. [+4, -1] Tzuyu and Sana are the prettiest in Twice



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