Netizens become more understanding of GD's need for his own room after leak of creepy observation log by fellow soldier

Article: Amidst GD's special treatment controversy... 'observation log' gets leaked

Source: Sports Donga via Naver

1. [+6,681, -639] The observation log is seriously shocking. GD, find strength, recover soon and finish your service safely.

2. [+3,985, -245] How is he holding on amidst all this... I'd get mental problems even if I never had any in this situation. He's like an animal in a zoo being observed... I feel so bad for him.

3. [+3,269, -120] I guess the soldier who was stationed in the medical room with him will be sent to army jail? Since he leaked personal information about a fellow soldier outside of the army. That creates problems with security. He leaked something that should only be seen within the army. This is why soldiers aren't allowed to carry cellphones on base. What a dumb soldier, I hope he gets punished.

4. [+3,142, -132] Yes, the proper question we should be asking is if GD was treated like one of the other soldiers before we demand to know whether he got special treatment or not.

5. [+2,896, -47] Is the guy who wrote this observation log a psycho? And why would his girlfriend even post this? Both of them are idiots;;;

6. [+756, -20] His unit needs to treat him like a fellow soldier. No wonder he needs his own room, they aren't leaving him alone. A celebrity can't just become "one of them" just for joining the army. It's something that can't be helped, and if we decide that everything is special treatment, what happens to his rights as a human? Does he need to stay quiet about all of this just because he's a celebrity? That's irresponsible. Maybe some of these perks that celebrities get in the army are to help them live harmoniously with the other soldiers. I think it's wrong to accuse every celebrity of receiving special treatment without considering the circumstances.

7. [+614, -14] This isn't all, there are some hidden camera pictures that have been coming up as well. Fans have been keeping it hush hush so netizens don't know the extent of it. Dispatch, please, stop writing your own novels...

8. [+561, -25] It's not only this observation log but hidden pictures and cameras that have been coming up as well on SNS. It has been impossible for him to serve like any other soldier. Please don't blame this whole thing on him.

9. [+477, -14] GD simply asked that his privacy be protected so the hospital gave him his own room and Dispatch reported it like it was some huge special treatment deal like he got his own private suite which is false. Who is at fault here?

10. [+462, -31] If it's this bad, his privacy does need to be protected in his own room.


Source: Nate

1. [+1,385, -65] Crazy ㅋㅋㅋ Shouldn't that soldier be caught and sent to army jail? Is he insane?

2. [+1,231, -59] I'd get goosebumps if I found out that someone's been observing me this whole time and recording things I'd want to hide like my mental illnesses and then spreading it everywhere... ㅠㅠ

3. [+1,007, -72] Ah, it must be so hard for him

4. [+173, -34] I understand why he got his own room now. It can't be helped with soldiers like him going around. There's no way you wouldn't be able to give him special treatment.

5. [+169, -11] A medical soldier has a certain code of ethics to adhere to, how can he just go around leaking information like this? Please take away any licenses that he may have and send him to army jail immediately.

6. [+166, -19] The observation log said that GD was taking mental illness medication as well. I'd explode if I found out someone was observing me to this extent.

7. [+164, -9] The words 'observation log' about a human just gives me goosebumps;;;;

8. [+135, -9] Wow... goosebumps. I bet this isn't the only soldier who's been doing this. If GD had been put in a hospital room with other soldiers, not only would the other soldiers try and go to see him but their families and visitors too...

9. [+128, -6] He couldn't take pictures so he was drawing GD out like that, what a mess...

10. [+120, -4] As if this log isn't shocking enough but he sent it to his girlfriend and his girlfriend put it on SNS ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ why are there so many illogical human beings in the world

11. [+113, -15] I feel bad for hating on GD for getting special treatment now

12. [+106, -12] I feel bad for GD...

13. [+103, -14] It's clear that he needed his own room in these circumstances

14. [+102, -15] I was mad at GD up until last night but now I'm more understanding

15. [+87, -6] I'm getting goosebumps... everything about himself down to little things about his body parts was recorded, how can anyone stay sane? I understand why he was given his own room. How disgusting. I hope whoever wrote this log gets punished.