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Saturday, May 26, 2018

Female celebrity caught lying about rape after prostituting herself

Article: Celebrity caught prostituting herself given jail sentence for lying that she was raped

Source: Star Today via Nate

1. [+2,622, -174] Wow~~ women never get their names released... f*ck, that's so unfair...

2. [+2,089, -75] So who is she??

3. [+1,632, -55] We need to stop the gender bias and release all their names

4. [+131, -14] Men will have their names plastered on the front page even for allegations while a woman can be sentenced to jail and still remain anonymous ㅋㅋ isn't this discrimination?

5. [+102, -7] Men get their names revealed... women remain anonymous... Can we please keep things fair?

6. [+97, -12] Is her name not going to be released?

7. [+81, -3] I demand fair reporting from the media. Men always have their name and picture featured on the main page so why are women allowed to remain anonymous?

8. [+69, -0] Women like Yang Yewon all need to be punished

9. [+68, -3] Release her picture ㅡㅡ she's getting away with it because she's a woman

10. [+64, -0] As a woman, I'm also curious as to why men like MoonMoon and Lee Seo Won have their names released immediately while women are allowed to remain anonymous?



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