How much longer will Korean dramas pass dating violence as romance?

Article: Forced kisses are romantic? Dramas and varieties are still insensitive to issues of sexual violence

Source: Hankyeore via Nate

Article talks about how dramas are still going the opposite way of movements like #metoo, with male characters often forcefully touching female characters or grabbing them, despite rejection, as an expression of how much they love them. They also perpetuate stereotypes, with one instance being "divorced women are easy to get in bed". Varieties also indulge in scenes featuring male celebrities getting in the shower or the camera zooming in with close ups of their body parts.


1. [+413, -27] Dramas are a form of indirect education... we should've fixed these issues long ago. Korean dramas are so behind on these issues, which has played a role in spreading misinformation.

2. [+375, -17] I remember watching a movie a long time ago where there was a scene of Jo Jae Hyun forcing a kiss on a young woman on the street and that scene became real life

3. [+347, -15] The problem with scenes like this in dramas is that the male characters are almost always portrayed as the good guy despite his actions;; There's nothing like that in real life... imagine if a guy forcefully pulled you around and did unwanted skinship... that's super scary;;

4. [+34, -1] TV needs to fix this... it's spreading the wrong idea to not only kids but to adults too

5. [+29, -1] I think we're past the generation where men acting like they're all tough is seen as cool anymore. We prefer men with good manners and who are considerate towards their partners.

6. [+20, -33] The irony is that all the scriptwriters who are writing these scenes are women and the people watching these scenes are women too ㅋㅋ

7. [+18, -1] If anyone grabbed you like that or pushed you against the wall to kiss you, I guarantee there'd be a bruise... since when were bruises a sign of love?

8. [+13, -2] I also think when Park Shi Hoo secretly went to Finland to meet Park Shin Hye in 'My Golden Life' is a form of abuse

9. [+13, -26] But aren't most Korean dramas made of fantasies that women desire? I'm pretty sure it was the women who felt their hearts flutter over 'Lovers in Paris', not the men

10. [+8, -0] It's hard to register these scenes as wrong because you know that the characters eventually get together and live happily ever after. If we were to see these same scenes on a news channel, it'd be a different story and we'd recognize it as crime. Dramas need to start putting disclaimers at the end like "this is just a dramatized scene, this action would be considered a crime in real life"