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Sunday, January 28, 2018

Yuri is twinning with her doll in her new short hair cut

Article: Is she really SNSD? Yuri transforms into 'Aebongie' with short bob and comedic expression

Source: X Sports News via Naver

1. [+7,893, -509] Her face looks like it changed...

2. [+5,271, -464] Thought this was Kang Yumi..

3. [+5,160, -380] Her face looks different

4. [+4,534, -392] She really looks like Seo In Young with short hair

5. [+1,034, -116] This is not the Yuri that I remember?

6. [+925, -106] No but seriously, she looks like a different person

7. [+842, -117] I liked her previous face better, what a shame

8. [+655, -64] Didn't realize this was Yuri...

9. [+662, -73] Her face looks like a completely different person

10. [+662, -123] SNSD's faces change every time we see new pictures of them

11. [+593, -70] I don't recognize her without her stage make up...

12. [+536, -74] Why does she look so average... doesn't look like Yuri;;

13. [+320, -46] Why did she cut her hair? It makes her face look super big

14. [+324, -70] As if this is our first time seeing SNSD's faces change?? It's normal life for them, don't act so surprised

15. [+296, -59] She was always ugly in that awkward way but fans called her pretty since she's in SNSD and all... without the Soshi buff, she's just ugly. Even fans knew there was no visual to push so they kept promoting her saying her body's great but her proportions are actually sh*t.. ㅠ



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