UEE continues to alarm netizens with her drastic weight loss

Article: UEE 'looking more gaunt since the last we saw her'

Source: Ilgan Sports via Nate

1. [+1,315, -15] I think we're approaching danger territory... her wrist looks too thin...

2. [+1,023, -153] She has to be suffering from severe anorexia. Can she even be on a period cycle still like this? I heard women skip their periods when they get too thin.

3. [+1,000, -13] Ah~~ she's nothing but bones now. Is she going through a hard time or is she losing weight like this on purpose...

4. [+82, -0] What's wrong with her, seriously ㅠㅠ I'm so upset for her;;;;; hopefully she's not one of those stars who think she looks prettier on screen like this, right?...

5. [+70, -2] She looks bearable with make up on but I bet she looks crazy gaunt without it ㅜㅜ I get that stars have to be underweight to look better on screen but she just looks sick and exhausted now... The camera won't notice 3-4 kg in weight gain on her, she needs to do it for her health.

6. [+65, -0] Her mouth looks like it can't close naturally... like she has to force it shut.

7. [+58, -0] Her wrist looks like it could snap;;

8. [+53, -0] Maybe she hasn't been able to eat properly since shaving her facial structure?

9. [+44, -0] Hul, this is pretty bad...

10. [+42, -1] She's either anorexic or OCD about her weight... It doesn't matter how many people tell her to gain weight, she's not going to listen