Suzy and Park Jin Young open up about her contract renewal on 'Party People'

Article: 'Party People' Suzy, "The reason I renewed with JYP? Because they're the company that raised me till now"

Source: OSEN via Naver

1. [+451, -32] Suzy's so loyal. You could tell Park Jin Young was so grateful and happy for her. I love seeing the two together.

2. [+396, -32] So loyal of her. And pretty too! I support you!

3. [+388, -32] After seeing her sing and dance today, I think she'll do fine as a solo too. It's amazing to me that a person with a face and height like that is able to dance and sing well too.

4. [+48, -28] So pretty!!!!

5. [+42, -31] So pretty, great at singing and dancing... just in awe over her beauty while watching the show.

6. [+19, -8] So charming and great at both singing and dancing

7. [+12, -8] So unfair that Suzy is not only beautiful but can sing and dance well too

8. [+12, -15] I wonder what the rest of miss A think of Park Jin Young;;;;


Article: Park Jin Young, "I didn't want to pressure Suzy about the renewal so I didn't contact her for 4 months"

Source: Star News via Nate

1. [+318, -12] I do admit that unlike other CEOs, he seems to have a lot of love for his artists... I don't think anyone has ever left JYP speaking ill of him

2. [+195, -14] I know people either love or hate Park Jin Young but I think it's because he gets overpassionate about things and it can come across as pressuring. What left the biggest impression on me was in 'Sixteen' when he knew he'd get hated for bringing Momo back and still put her in Twice. Normally when trainees are eliminated like that, you disappear from the interests of everyone... but Park Jin Young was still observing her and her hard work the whole time. I thought it was great that he recognized her hard work and put her back in knowing that the viewers would put him down for it. The public blamed him for being unfair but if you think about it, he was being the most fair by giving all his trainees his attention and consideration.

3. [+173, -22] Love seeing the two together~ Suzy's just so pretty ㅠㅠ I'm falling for her even though I'm a girl

4. [+25, -5] I support you, Suzy

5. [+13, -2] Really respect Park Jin Young for choosing character over anything else, especially compared to that druggie company